The Pen Boutique Exclusive: Sailor 1911 Large Kagero Green (with zoom nib)

As some may know, I have been branching out into some less conventional nibs as of late, and my latest foray is this incredible pen. The Sailor 1911L Kagero Green is an exclusive model of Pen Boutique in Columbia, MD. So what exactly is “Kagero?” and why was it chosen?

Kagero, is the Japanese name for mayflies and their color was the inspiration for this pen. The mayfly is an important part of their native habitat. They represent a significant food source, and their numbers are used as an important indicator of the health of the ecosystem in which they live. The owners of Pen Boutique are avid outdoor enthusiasts and greatly value conservation efforts as well as the importance of protecting nature. This little creature is a symbol of those efforts. It was only fitting that for this collaboration with Sailor, Pen Boutique wanted something that was both beautiful and meaningful to them, and they nailed it. The color is a wonderfully rich, deep transparent green and the gold trim reflects nicely off of the body. When the light hits it just right, it has a beautiful warm glow.

The pen comes packaged in Sailor’s standard packaging which includes a colorful warranty card, instruction sheet, 2 cartridges and a converter. I was also pleasantly surprised to see there was a matching Yak leather pen case included, which is another Pen Boutique exclusive product.

Originally, this pen came out in two versions: the 1911S and the 1911L. The 1911S is a bit smaller than the 1911L. The size information is readily available so I did not include both dimensions here. The main difference between the two is the nib. The 1911S comes with a 14k gold nib and the 1911L comes with a slightly larger 21k gold nib. As of this writing, only the 1911L version is currently available. That is the version I have here for this review.

The pen is comfortable to hold. At just about 4.875 inches unposted, it fits nicely in the hand. This is important to me as I do not like to post my pens. The thickness of the section makes for a comfortable grip and I find writing with it to be very easy. So how does it write?

Sailor is known to have a certain feel to their nibs. They are sometimes even described as having a pencil-like feel to them. After spending some time with the pen, I have to agree with that sentiment, but I liked it. I filled the pen with one of my usual test inks, Monteverde Midnight Black, using the included converter. The nib feels smooth, but there is just enough feedback to know that you are writing on paper instead of glass. I enjoyed the mild tactile response and writing with it was effortless.

Earlier I mentioned that I have been experimenting with some less conventional nibs. As part of that, I chose to review the version of this pen with Sailor’s Zoom nib. The Sailor Zoom nib starts with large tipping that is then ground in such a way that it increases line width depending on writing angle. A low writing angle will give a very broad line, a Medium writing angle is still fairly broad, but less so. and a high writing angle gives a medium line. Reverse writing with the nib yields a fine line and lighter ink flow. All of these options give the nib a lot of versatility for both writing, or drawing. The low and medium angles are very close in line width. There is a more noticeable difference in the high angle and reverse. For me, I find that a medium angle is best for writing.

Overall, I am really happy with my experience with this pen. The color is stunning. I love the meaning behind the pen’s name and I have enjoyed my time experimenting with this nib. This pen is exclusive to Pen Boutique and this 1911L version is back in stock at the time of this review. It is currently on sale for $312.00 and comes in the following nib options: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Broad, Zoom, and Music.

Disclaimer: This pen was loaned to me, for the purpose of this review by Pen Boutique of Columbia, MD. The thoughts and opinions expressed herein are entirely my own and I have received no compensation for this review from any manufacturer or retailer named therein. Testing was done using Monteverde Midnight Black ink on a Bloc R by Rhodia No. 16 pad. Closeup photos were taken at 10x magnification.

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