The Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Rose Gold Fountain Pen

I had never planned on getting this pen, but I was lucky enough to win it in a raffle at the 2020 Baltimore Washington International Pen Show. It came in a nice and solidly-made gift box. When I first opened it up, I saw that there was truly something beautiful about this combination of rose gold and carbon fiber. This is the kind of pen that I think of when I want to be noticed in a meeting. The second thing that hit me about this pen was the size and weight.

This is not a small pen. At just over 5 inches long when uncapped, it fits comfortably in my hand unposted. 6.3 inches when posted is a bit too long for me. Fortunately I generally don’t post my pens. If you do want to post it, you will need to firmly push the cap down onto the barrel or it will wobble. Once securely posted, however, the cap isn’t going anywhere. The pen balances nicely in my hand. The center of mass and balance when uncapped seems to be right where the barrel rests on my hand. Because of this, even though the pen is heavy at about 1.1 oz/30g, it still has been easy for me to use for longer writing sessions. For me, my only wish was that the grip section was just a tad thicker.

I do find that like most metal grip sections, it can feel a bit slippery at first, but the lip at the front of the section acts as a nice finger stop, preventing my hand from sliding too far forward. The threaded section also fits well behind my grip so it is not noticed during use.

Now, the fun part: I inked this up with some Monteverde Midnight Black using the included screw-in converter and the pen started right up. The nib is smooth and flows well with no skips or hard starts, and while some mediums are too much for me, this one was just right. Visually the black coating complements the overall design and looks great with the carbon fiber and rose gold.

From my experience with this pen since getting it at the show, I can say that it will get regular use in my rotation. The slight thinness of the grip section does not give me any trouble in using it. I find the weight and balance to be comfortable. For anyone looking for a beautiful pen to make a statement, this will do the trick and all while being a great writer.

This pen is also available in other color options, though this one is my favorite. It is available with the nib sizes EF, F, M, B and 1.1 stub.

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