The Monteverde 20th Anniversary Innova Limited Edition Rose Gold Fountain Pen

For those of you that know me, you know that I love the combination of rose gold and black. When I saw this pen at the Baltimore Washington International Pen Show, even though I had just received the Monteverde Invincia Deluxe from my prior review, I knew I wanted this pen to come home with me. It was the last one that they had left at the show and I wasn’t going to let it get away.

The beautiful combination of rose gold and carbon fiber is just so fitting for a pen made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Monteverde brand. This pen is a special edition of 1999 pens to commemorate the year that Monteverde was founded in California. Monteverde really went all out on the special appointments for this very special pen.

The pen comes in a beautiful presentation box which contains not only the pen, but a matching special edition ink as well as a lovely lapel pin which matches the design of the pen.

The pen itself, in addition to the beautiful rose gold trim, is adorned with the Monteverde mountain logo on the top of the cap in a beautiful black with gold engraving. The cap band has the Monteverde name as well as 20th anniversary on it. The back cap has the name of the pen and the limited edition serial number. The rose gold appointments along with everything else really make this a beautiful pen.

This pen is as functional as it is beautiful. I often like to put my pens in my shirt pocket. The S shaped clip design of this pen, with its outward turn at the end, make it very easy to quickly clip and unclip the pen from my shirt pocket without thought. The cap snaps closed with a positive click and holds on very securely. I have no concern about the cap coming off in my pocket causing an unsightly mess.

The pen is very comfortable to hold. Even being a slightly heavier pen at 21 grams uncapped (0.74 oz), the weight rests nicely in my hand and feels comfortable at just under 5 and a half inches long uncapped. Posted, the pen is about 6 and a half inches which is a tad long for me, but that is true of most pens when posted. The grip section is nice and chunky but not too thick. The grip is also not made of metal so there is no finger slipping.

For this review, I went with Monteverde Midnight Black, filling the pen with the included converter.I always like my first use of a pen to be with an ink I know well. This pen has the same black medium nib as in my Invincia Deluxe (previously reviewed here). I expected the same wonderfully smooth experience as with that pen and I was not disappointed. The pen started and performed flawlessly with no skips or hard starts and writes smoothly.

Overall I am very happy with this pen. From the beautiful design to the way it fits it my hand, to the way it writes, it has fast found its way into my regular rotation. If you are looking for one of these I recommend to go ahead and get it now while you still can. There are only a limited number still in stores and if you like the rose gold and carbon fiber look, this one is a must have.

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